For professionals, students and the wider public, these classes are focused around building confidence, speed and learning architectural drawing technique.


All Classes are tailored bespoke to your attendees, whether it be Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, students or none of the above!


Typically, the classes are split into 3 parts: Warm Up Exercises, Technique Practice and a Final Drawing. We start with the fundamentals of architectural drawing, understanding the importance of how a language of line weights, texture, text and shadows can combine to provide the best clarity and accuracy you could ask for.


We then delve into compositional techniques practising these through drawing types including perspectives, orthographic and axonometric projection using different media from pen & ink to markers to coloured pencils to explore the visual language of architectural drawing.


£495.00 per class

Typical Class

30-40 people

90 minutes

All materials provided

PDF slides of the Class


Reference Sheets

Free Sketch Booklet worth £5

Free Downloadable Content



With more and more people relying on a computational skill set, it pays to invest in your teams’ hand-drawing abilities to set you apart from the competition!



Tailored specifically for engineers, these classes break down freehand drawings to their fundamentals and employ the relevant drawing types and techniques for engineers.

For Interior Designers

From rapid sketching to observational studies to large interior scenes, these classes are focused on the skills needed by an interior designer.


Representing what it feels like to be in a space from concept to technical design is crucial for a Landscape Designer and brings different requirements.

FOR Events

In Your Space

Plan a drawing class in your space as a one-off class or a regular event. Invite professionals, students or the wider public!



Check out all the classes and workshops upcoming with links to register!

RIBA Classes for the South West London Architects Group

“Our members love Philip’s workshops, relaxed and social yet rigorous and professional. Philip has a real talent for teaching and sharing his incredible drawing skills.” 


—  Taylan Tahir, Architect, Director @ MATA Architects

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